About Us

We help our clients to identify the location of their land parcels and to establish the size of that land. We collect data at the client’s sites using high accuracy equipment and use that data to build maps that our clients use to make decisions. Often, those decisions entail the development of structures on their sites. We help our clients to transfer the ideas of their architects and engineers to actual positions on the ground. We help them ensure that their building will stand truly vertical – by carefully and accurately setting out the position of the pillars and ensuring that their structures maintain plumb, alignment or gradient as they are built. We help in managing all the building information generated during the construction process and generate the final as built drawings. We also help in securing the strata/sectional title for each floor or unit within the building – so that our clients can sell the floors to other people and recover some of the costs of their development effort.

We take safety seriously and we are here to help you.