How to Reap Benefits Living Together

Living in a flat is not the preferred option for many people. There is the noise of you neighbour’s children stamping their feet and jumping day and night – and the horror of a leaking toilet percolating to your toilet or flooding in the ground floor caused by blocked drainage pipes that were clogged by someone else. Living together is hard. But living together has its benefits – you share some costs you otherwise would need to foot on your own – for example hiring day and night guards as well as shared garbage disposal. Some people find apartments more secure because if you have a good relationship with your neighbours, they can keep an eye on your premises when you travel. The close proximity also makes it easier to make friends. It is hard not to listen to the many interesting occurrences in our neighbours lives. The concentration of many people in one compound is also good for the local economy – more jobs especially in services sector are created that way.

Do you dream of owning your own house? The high cost of land in urban areas has made it very difficult to own a home. For many people, the cost of housing is simply out of reach. If you want a home in Nairobi, Kisumu or Mombasa – or any of the other upcoming cities, you need to share ground with others so everyone can afford a roof over their heads.

The Sectional Property Act of Kenya is a special law that enables the issuance of title deeds to each apartment unit separately and the institutional setup for the management of shared property collectively. It provides for separate ownership of individual units, the establishment of a corporation as well as the appointment of an institutional manager for the facility. This law also provides teeth for biting those neighbours that refuse to pay for common services. It also secures the original title so that the owners of the sectional property are protected from the future actions of the developer. Sectional property is also good for developers because it enables them to recoup the costs of a development without selling the entire property – so the modest hustler can live in their home, earn rent from the second floor and sell the third and fourth floors to recover the costs of development.

In this series of articles we will walk through the process of securing a title deed for your residential unit and how to make the most of this legislation

  1. Overview of the Sectional Property Act
  2. Begin the Registration Process
  3. Fixing your Boundary
  4. Preparation of the Sectional Plans
  5. Operationalizing the Management Committee
  6. What are you buying?
  7. Sectional Property vs Subleases

I hope you find the articles interesting. We provide surveying services, if you need any help with preparing sectional plans, please get in touch with us – we will be happy to help you going.


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