Surveying Safety

Surveyors work in hazardous environments – sometimes in wildlife infested bushes and at other times in busy highways or construction sites. Safety is a matter of personal attitude. You should have the right safety gear. A high visibility vest is a requirement. If you are working in the highway, you should also have traffic control gear. Because you have to work outdoors, you need to keep track of the weather and have the appropriate clothing for the weather. I find it necessary to have a cap to avoid sunburn and sturdy boots. Safari Boots have worked well for me – but safety boots should do better. Stay hydrated through the day – it is also a good idea to carry energizer snacks. You cannot be productive when you are weak.

Surveyors work with sharp cutting tools as well as heavy hammers. If these are not well maintained, they can cause injury to others, damage expensive equipment not to mention the costs associated with delayed work. You should lookout for ditches and power lines. It is also good to have someone in your team trained on first aid and have a proper first aid kit in your car.

Remember, safety is everyone’s job – from the site engineer, the senior surveyor to the chainman and other casuals. Lets keep safe.

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